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Keep It HOT With One More SHOT!©

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Check out 3-Gun Nation Champ Keith Garcia’s review of “MatchSaverZ”!

From 3-Gun Nation on Facebook: “Check out this gear review by 3GN Champ Keith Garcia! This little piece of gear looks like a winner! Nice job Keith!”

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Congratulations to Keith Garcia - 1st Place 2013 USPSA 3 Gun National Championships! See dual MatchSaverZ in action!

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Michael Cain demonstrates the MatchSaverZ “Lightning-fast” Left-Hander reloading technique!

“Keep it Hot With One More Shot!”

“MatchSaverZ”™ are now a stock item on all shotgun upgrades of Taran Butler and 
Taran Tactical
“Keep it Hot With One More Shot!” http://tarantacticalinnovations.comhttp://tarantacticalinnovations.comhttp://tarantacticalinnovations.comshapeimage_13_link_0shapeimage_13_link_1shapeimage_13_link_2

MSVZ Lightning Fast! - 870 Pump

“Keep it HOT - With One More SHOT!”© A new product especially designed for anyone who needs immediate access to one more shell. Designed for competitive shotgun professionals, law enforcement officials and hunters. 
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Due to the demand Matchsaverz are now offered in tactical black in our new enhanced version!

Check out the cool Blue MatchSaverZ on Steve Carter’s FN SLP: 

Steve says, “This shell holder works perfectly.”

match savers



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